Motivation – how to get & keep motivated?

Well since I’m home full time again I’ve decided there are so many things I need to do but I’m struggling with getting motivated to tackle the tasks I want to.  Each night I’m like, yep, tomorrow is it, I’m going to get up outta bed and start the day right and then morning rolls round and I’m like nah, tomorrow is the day, I need my sleep.

So I’ve now decided to let you all in on what I’m planning to do to try and get re motivated and then in say 3 months, tell you what worked and didn’t work for me.  I would love to know what works for all you guys and any hints or suggestions would be great.  I know there is some great motivated Mama’s out there and I’m friends with quite a few so leave me a comment.

Daily motivational quote

  1. Planning – I find I work better when I have routine in my life.  I also find that getting a schedule put together makes me feel like I’ve achieved something when I can tick off my tasks.  I believe I fit more in my day but that may be due to being able to see on paper what I have done.  I have a Kikki K planner that I have used previously and loved so am going to get this started again.  I decorate mine, as I like making it pretty and when it’s pretty I’m more likely to use it.  Now, if you get onto Pinterest it’s a bit crazy what people do but I’m no where near that level, I just add a bit of Washi tape, stickers and use colored pens.
  2. Start my day early and with a walk – Now this is a 2 birds, one stone deal.  I find if I get out of bed early, my whole day runs right.  I also like to get out and walk my dog Bonnie first thing as I’m a morning exerciser and I like knowing that it’s done for the day, in case I don’t get a chance to walk her later.  If I don’t walk Bonnie, I start to feel very guilty.
  3. Go to bed when I say I am – I normally hop in bed at a reasonable time but then I play on my phone.  YouTube and Pinterest are my weaknesses and I lose a lot of time on there.  So I need to make my bed a book only zone.  This is also a major reason I can’t get out of bed in the morning.
  4. Fill in my gratitude journal – I find this a really nice way to wind down for the day.  I normally do it in bed and it’s nice to reflect over my day and think about all the good things I have in my life.  I used this previously but have fallen out of the habit.
  5. Drink more water – When I’m in a routine, I drink a lot of water and I find I feel better for it.  I get headaches when I don’t drink enough, and it’s just a good thing to do to try and stay healthy.

Im working on myself quoteNow, I don’t want my list to be too long, as knowing myself, I want accomplish all the items on my list and I will lose motivation and do nothing if I don’t accomplish the majority.  It’s like I say to myself, well, you didn’t do it all so might as well do nothing.  The human brain is a terrible thing sometimes.

So wish my luck and I’ll let you know in 3 months what’s changed (if anything) in my life.


Then there was two

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Well it’s currently 1.14am.  My husband is fast asleep, the dog is curled up between us, my Mother is in the spare room and my nearly 2-year-old is in bed beside her.  Instead of sleeping, I’m trying to solve all my life’s problems.

Where do I begin; no money, feeling underappreciated, fat, I have mothers guilt and loss of my self-image all contribute to my late-night pondering.  I dare say I will never understand how my husband can nod off in front of the TV at 8pm nearly every single night.  He does work hard but that it not something I find at all natural.  Are these feelings/thoughts a Mother’s trait, or am I some worry wart that needs to get over herself?

I currently feel so totally out of control of my life that I don’t even know where to begin.  But I’ve heard the best place to start…

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Spare a thought for your local FIFO guy & girl. The following text is a random comment made by a fella in answer to a question posed by another fella who wanted to get in the game. It was on a FIFO page I follow & the guy nails it…..

I just ask because I have helped people get into their “dream job” mining and some people only last a few months. And quit, a lot of time and money wasted. They hear about all the big money and the consecutive days off and think, I can do that. But what you don’t hear is how you’re sitting in your camp room and you’re missing the whole family who are at your mothers 60th birthday party, your sons footy games, your daughters Debutante ball, graduations, first steps, first words, friends birthday, you don’t get put into friends plans anymore because they never…

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The Last Fly Out Day

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Well, I’m sitting here in the airport, with all these emotions flying around inside me. Today, is the last day, I have to leave my family and fly out to a remote mining site in the Pilbara for 8 nights. I’m torn between worry, guilt and happiness, at the drop of a hat I might cry or laugh.

I live in Perth, Western Australia. Here a large portion of the population does FIFO (fly in, fly out) work for various mining companies, mining various products. I work at a Rio Tinto iron ore site operating various mining equipment (such as the huge Haul Trucks, water carts, small 980 loader and wheel dozers). It’s long hours, boring work and can be very isolating and due to the lifestyle, the industry has an increased rate of mental illness (such as depression and anxiety). Yes, the pay is good but it is worth…

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Nana’s gone home…..

Last weekend I wrote about the emotional struggle I had with doing FIFO work and how much I was looking forward to coming home full time.  In hindsight it was a very dark place to start my blog but I see it as a start of a new chapter where I hope to focus on the positives, which if you know me is how I am most of the time. 

There was a mixed response and I wanted to clear up some points as with my limited abilities as a writer I may not have been clear.  It was how I was feeling about the situation I had gotten myself into that drove me to start writing.  I had began journaling which helped immensely but I wanted to get more out of it so decided to share my journey as well.  I was so angry at myself and I think that came through in my writing. Without the support of my Husband and Mum I would never have gotten through the last 6 months and they were what lifted me up most days.  I want to thank them as they have been in the boat with me and dealt with all my lows and shown me nothing but love which makes me an extremely lucky lady to have them in my life. 

I was also however overwhelmed with support and it meant a lot to hear from others so below is a follow on. 

Presently I’m working on getting my life back on track as I kind of dropped everything last November. The job hunt is back on here in Perth so fingers crossed that something comes along in the near future. 

Now my Mum, Elise’s Nana has gone back to New Zealand and once again it’s just Justin, Elise & I at home.  It was demanding on all of us before juggling such a humongous change in lifestyle but boy, I sure did forget pretty quickly how much attention a toddler wants or the energy that they have.  Without Nana around just the normal day to day activities like washing, vacuuming and running errands take so much more time (or Nana isn’t here to do them for me).  Nana always knew how to make a mundane task more fun. I feel like I seem to be rushing us all the time and if you know toddlers, the more I push the more she pushes back. I was spoilt to have Nana’s help and Elise loved having her Nana around to spoil her as well.  It makes my heart melt when she asks after her.  Although Nana & I had our differences of opinion, mostly due, I think, to the generation gap (or when I was in a mood and being difficult and/or grumpy) I miss her company and advice a lot.

I am glad however to return to a more traditional household but just wish that Nana (or her Oma for that matter) did live close by as until the age of 7 I lived in a different country from my Grandmother and I think it’s a special bond, which is apparent when they’re together.  It doesn’t hurt for Mum to get a break as well.

My husband and I originally hail from New Zealand but consider Perth our home now. The only disadvantage of living here is the distance from the rest of our extended families who all spoil Elise when they can. I wish Elise did have the opportunity to grow up near most of her family and to play with her cousins but that won’t be happening due to what Justin and I have chosen for ourselves.  Australia is now home.

It does make me consider how lucky we are to live in a generation where there is air travel and the technology to communicate so easily. It’s hard to imagine our ancestors leaving all they knew to immigrant to the other side of the world never to see loved ones again whereas lots of our family has been to visit us over the period we’ve lived here.

So farewell for now Nana.  We love you and look forward to your return in July. XOXO