A Mindful Saturday?

Well it’s Saturday afternoon and I’m sitting at the dining room table.  The table has boxes, bags and even some cut down pipe on it.  Elise is sitting across from me with her note pad and a pencil writing me a story.  I have a moment’s peace and decided to use it writing rather than carrying on with the job I started last night.

I’m currently trying to empty my garage and fit everything I put in there whilst trying to sell our house (I de cluttered), back  into the house and re organise as I go.  Justin (the hubby) has brought his project, a car, home and it’s got the garage space.  I moved the boxes into the house and organised our bathroom and tidied our bedroom and that’s my morning.

Currently all I seem to do is work either doing house chores, trying to do my projects (like finish Elise’s toy kitchen), do some projects for work or go to the shop (work).  Nothing is really for my satisfaction but I suppose that’s the joys of being a Mother and being so time poor.  I mean if I’ve got 5 minutes I’d much prefer to do something for myself but I know how much Elise loves doing anything with me and I love to make her laugh.

So I am trying to find fulfillment in the everyday tasks.  I haven’t started my gratitude journal yet but I’m working on being more mindful in my day-to-day living.

To me mindfulness is the simple act of being present in the moment and enjoying the moments for what they are.  I started to feel that I was waiting for my real life to start and it would after the current hurdle but then another hurdle pops up out of nowhere and the cycle repeats.

A while back I did a workshop at Kikki K for mindfulness and I really enjoyed it.  I also really enjoy watching TED talks on You Tube and they have a wide variety of short talks.

A TED talk I enjoyed about mindfulness is one that addresses the benefits of mindfulness and how we shame ourselves and the negative self talk we have (which I can strongly relate to), it’s called What we practice grows stronger  Another TED talk I enjoyed was why aren’t we teaching mindfulness and it talks about the benefits as well but it’s focused at teenagers and talks more about regulating emotions and improving focus.  A third talk I enjoyed is called Don’t try to be mindful and the speaker talks about how to start being more mindful just by noticing everyday feelings (good or bad).

So with that I’m going to enjoy the rest of my coffee and then I’ll focus on Elise and try to be present in the moment with her (not thinking about the boxes I still have to put away).

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